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Dott. Gabriele Trapani
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Pump | How Do the New Generation Pre-Workouts Help?

last updated:: July 06, 2020

The pump, or muscle pumping, is not just a temporary condition that enhances the bodybuilder's ego at the end of the workout. Pumping has several implications for promoting muscle growth. Let's see the new generation pre-workouts that help the pumping, reconstruction, and muscle hydration process!

Goji berries | The 4 Major Benefits Highlighted by Research

last updated:: June 29, 2020

Goji berries are among the richest fruits of antioxidants in the world, with a very high Orac value and one of the most popular superfoods in anti-aging medicine. Here are the main benefits and contraindications of the goji fruit for our well-being.

Royal jelly: what is it for and why is it so good?

last updated:: June 26, 2020

Royal jelly, available as a supplement both fresh and in capsules and vials, is a powerful natural tonic suitable for adults and children. It is also practically free of contraindications! Find out what royal jelly is used for and what its real health benefits are.

Spreadable Creams | How to recognize healthy ones and those to avoid?

last updated:: June 16, 2020

Spreadable creams based on dried fruit are huge food trend. From the classic peanut cream, pistachio, almond, or hazelnut cream, we clarify the differences between the best spreads and those to be avoided because they are full of hydrogenated oils, thickeners, preservatives, and emulsifiers.

Solar Supplements | How to Best Prepare your Skin for the Sun

last updated:: June 12, 2020

Here is a list of the best nutraceutical solar supplements and natural extracts that help you prepare and protect your skin from damage caused by sun exposure. Start taking them 4 weeks before sun exposure to appreciate the maximum benefit!

Quercetin | The Flavonoid with Anti-aging Properties

last updated:: June 09, 2020

Quercetin is a flavonoid with numerous beneficial properties, a vegetable pigment found in many foods and plants, which for some years has been experiencing a lot of interest in the form of an anti-aging and antioxidant nutraceutical supplement.

Natural Thermogenic | Substances That Help Reduce Excess Fat

last updated:: May 28, 2020

Natural thermogenic drugs are active ingredients, herbs, and plants that help increase metabolism and body temperature, promoting weight loss processes and helping to "burn" excess fat. Here are the most effective.

Spirulina algae | The Extraordinary Benefits of Spirulina Powder

last updated:: May 21, 2020

Spirulina algae is a filamentous single-cell microalga that lives in the fresh-brackish waters of tropical or subtropical lakes and has numerous beneficial properties for health, but also warnings and contraindications to keep in mind.

Water retention | Effective tips for draining excess liquids

last updated:: May 19, 2020

Many women suffer from water retention, a nuisance that affects mostly legs, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. Let's see what are the best remedies and tips to limit the appearance of water retention and cellulite starting from their analysis.

Coconut Water | The 100% natural isotonic summer drink

last updated:: May 19, 2020

Coconut water is obtained by freeze-drying the water contained in the coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) and is excellent to be enjoyed at any time of the day thanks to its moisturizing and isotonic properties.

Skin aging | The active ingredients that help keep your skin young

last updated:: May 12, 2020

Discover the best active ingredients that help to maintain the beauty of your skin! A smooth, firm, and luminous epidermis is not the result of chance: constant care and the intake of some natural substances can help you slow down the aging process.

Are you Suffering from PMS? Discover 5 Natural Remedies that Help

last updated:: May 11, 2020

Eliminate premenstrual syndrome! In this post, we have gathered all of the information about the best natural remedies to finally put a stop to headaches, breast tenderness, mood swings, and premenstrual cramps.

Reishi | Benefits and properties of reishi, the "immortality mushroom"

last updated:: May 08, 2020

The ancients nicknamed the reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) "mushroom of immortality" for the potential of this exceptional medicinal mushroom capable of helping to increase the body's defenses. Let's see what all the properties and benefits of reishi are.

Collagen Supplements for Joints | What to evaluate when choosing

last updated:: May 06, 2020

Collagen and cartilage: we see the role of collagen supplements in supporting joint function in case of degenerative phenomena or collagen deficiency.

GABA | The neurotransmitter that reconciles calm, peace, serenity

last updated:: May 06, 2020

GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid, is a fundamental amino acid that performs the function of neurotransmitter and neuromodulator. GABA in the form of a supplement helps to calm and relax the nervous system.

Iron Supplements | Liposomal iron

last updated:: May 02, 2020

Here's how iron supplements, especially liposomal iron, can help restore the right levels of this mineral in our body.

Hydrolyzed caseins | Characteristics and comparison with whey

last updated:: April 22, 2020

Hydrolyzed caseins are milk proteins obtained by hydrolyzation, an artificial enzymatic digestion process. Let's see the peculiarities of hydrolyzed caseins and the comparison with whey.

Protein focus | Hydrolyzed beef proteins

last updated:: April 16, 2020

Can beef proteins Compare with Whey proteins? Why did the HydroBeef + ™ patent revolutionize this type of protein powder? Let's find out in this article.

Functional Nutrition | What are Functional Foods and why should we eat them?

last updated:: February 18, 2020

Functional foods and functional nutrition are the latest food trends and with good reason! Let's see what functional foods are, some examples of functional foods and why insert them into our daily diet.

Remedies against constipation | Go to the bathroom with psyllium!

last updated:: February 11, 2020

Constipation is an annoying intestinal problem, especially when it is accompanied by constant abdominal swelling and air in the bowel. Let's see the remedies to definitively solve the problem deepening the knowledge of a safe and effective natural laxative: psyllium seeds.

Prebiotics, probiotics and intestinal bacterial flora | Complete guide

last updated:: January 28, 2020

The guide for understanding how intestinal health and intestinal flora work, explaining in detail what they are, what they are used for and when lactic, probiotic and prebiotic cultures should be taken.

Where does your Salmon come from? The Differences between Farmed VS Wild Salmon

last updated:: January 10, 2020

Do you know the salmon you eat? Find out what are the differences between a farmed salmon and a wild fish and how to choose the best quality when you buy it from the supermarket.

Enough with the seasonal ailments! These remedies help your defenses

last updated:: December 30, 2019

Astragalus and rosehip are just some of the most popular natural remedies used in winter to ward off seasonal ailments. Discover the pool of beneficial substances of the best herbal remedies and say goodbye to sore throat, fever, cold, cough, etc. ..!

Dandelion: benefits, active ingredients, and contraindications of dandelion

last updated:: December 20, 2019

The dandelion that is commonly found in the meadows and that we used to blow hides in itself effective phytoremediation appreciated for centuries. Discover all the curiosities regarding the use of dandelions, traditional use, properties, and contraindications!