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Change the stimulus! 6 little-known exercises to vary muscle stimulation

by Ludovico Lemme

last updated: February 20, 2020

Varying training and exercises to get out of the routine and work our muscles more fully is key to progress in the training program. Here are 6 little-known exercises that can help in breaking the routine.

Overweight and obesity | 5 exercises to plan your workout and lose weight

by Giorgia Baglio

last updated: February 17, 2020

These 5 exercises for those who are overweight or obese are the starting point for targeted and gradual training that helps you lose weight in a healthy and safe way, maintaining results over time.

3 principles to follow to choose the best Protein Bars

by Ludovico Lemme

last updated: January 22, 2020

To understand if the protein bars you consume are more or less healthy and of good quality, do not miss this short buying guide. You will learn the nutritional values to keep under control and the elements that discern a good bar rich in proteins and amino acids from a disguised snack.

Useful Tips to Manage Nutrition and Training in Winter

by Ludovico Lemme

last updated: January 06, 2020

The cold can be an ally for your line! The 'cut phase' preceding the summer months corresponds to the 'bulk phase' in the winter months. Here are the best tips and tricks for training and feeding in this mass phase.

How to structure calories in the muscle-building phase (off-season)

by Davide Gariboldi

last updated: December 17, 2019

Increasing the muscles without increasing the fat mass is a common desire for those who attend gyms and play sports. So let's see how to set a diet suitable for increasing lean body mass and which supplements to insert to optimize results.

Food and sports | Why you should think about taking a multivitamin

by Gabriele Trapani

last updated: November 21, 2019

The diet of the sportsman must be particularly complete with essential macro and micronutrients. So how do you choose the best multivitamin supplement to guarantee everything the body needs?

Sport and the menstrual cycle | The complete guide

by Editorial staff

last updated: November 06, 2019

Premenstrual syndrome and menstruation symptoms can be a challenge for us athletes, but they certainly don't stop us in our tracks! In this post, we have collected together everything you need to know about training during the menstrual cycle, including what to eat during the cycle and what to avoid.

Mind-muscle connection Part 1 | How to activate and improve it

by Editorial staff

last updated: October 22, 2019

Bodybuilding is a sport as much mental as physical. In this first part of the three articles dedicated to the fascinating mind-muscle connection, we see the definition of this concentration technique and why it is so important to stimulate muscle pump, quality, and growth during training.

Calisthenics MANIA! Basic exercise programme

by Beatrice Delogu

last updated: September 10, 2019

Find out what the calisthenics workout is, what are the basic exercises you can already do without the need for equipment or gym, the best advice for beginners who approach this type of training and the benefits of calisthenics for the body.

Isometric training

by Niccolò Balboni

last updated: July 11, 2017

By isometric contraction, we mean the kind of contraction that develops muscular tension at a constant length, thus statically (without movement).

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