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Skin aging | The active ingredients that help keep your skin young
Skin aging The active ingredients that help keep your skin young

Skin aging
The active ingredients that help keep your skin young

Date: May 12, 2020
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Over time, the structure of our skin undergoes many changes related to aging processes and external environmental conditions. A crucial element for the health and beauty of the epidermis is played by collagen, a fundamental protein component of the tissues, hair, nails, and above all of the skin, which decreases more and more with the advance of time.In this article, we will see what exactly happens to the skin when it ages and how to take care of our beauty at 360° thanks to some specific active ingredients.

Skin aging

confronto pelle vecchia e giovane

With the advent of the 40 years of age, among the various physiological changes, there is also a strong change in the skin.
Cellular turn-over begins to slow down for real and the levels of collagen, elastin, and humidity are lowered more and more.
All this translates into:

  •  dryness,
  •  reduced firmness,
  •  signs of sagging skin,
  •  wrinkles.

Hormonal changes such as lower estrogen levels significantly reduce collagen production and skin hydration, resulting in deeper wrinkles and a more pronounced loss of elasticity, tone, and brightness. When collagen is lacking, the skin gradually loses elasticity and firmness, causing the so-called "structural" subsidence due to the lack of this fundamental protein in the connective tissue.

Collagen supplements: how do they work?

Today, research provides us with a valid, effective solution to make up for the physiological collagen deficiency. We can integrate into our diet hydrolyzed collagen peptides of animal origin (bovine, porcine, or from aquatic organisms).

These peptides, which are obtained by hydrolysis of the raw material, are short chains of highly bioavailable amino acids that stimulate the cells of the connective tissue to produce collagen in the skin, making it become stronger, more elastic and helping it to remain toned, compact and bright.

Oxidative stress and free radicals: how do they affect the skin?

The health of the skin is also strongly influenced by the effects of oxidative stress, which further increases with aging. We all hear about the free radicals induced by oxidative stress to which our organism - due to internal or external factors - is constantly subjected. Let's think about the environmental factors that can alter the epidermis and accelerate the processes related to cellular aging:

  •  excessive sun exposure,
  •  smog,
  •  dry and closed environments,
  •  intense cold.

Free radicals are physiologically present oxygen molecules in our bodies that are produced during cellular respiratory processes. In this case, free radicals are molecules that have lost an electron interacting with others, thus becoming extremely "reactive" and altered. In an attempt to tidy up, to heal, free radicals take electrons from other healthy molecules and, when they come into contact with each other, generate other unstable molecules, giving rise to a series of chain reactions. These can spread, over time producing functional and structural damage inside the cell.

Our body is programmed to cope with every action with a reaction and can, therefore, defend itself against free radicals with an effective system of antioxidant elements and enzymes such as catalase, and the "master antioxidant" glutathione. These are capable of neutralizing radicals and transforming them into less reactive and harmful molecules.

Active ingredients that help keep skin young

integratori con principi attivi per una pelle giovane


Some supplements represent the concept of "beauty from within", providing the skin with support and greater balance thanks to a mix of natural elements whose effectiveness has been confirmed by the most modern research.

1. Glutathione

Glutathione is found in practically all cells of the human body and is involved in the inactivation of free radicals. As with collagen, glutathione levels also decrease physiologically with age and all our antioxidant defense systems are no longer as efficient in coping with the amount of free radicals present and continuously increasing. The risk is premature aging of the cells since collagen molecules themselves can be damaged by the effect of excess free radicals, making them more rigid and less elastic. This is why external support through antioxidants integration can be extremely useful.

2. Verisol® collagen

Verisol® collagen is the prestigious blend of 4 collagen peptides that can be taken orally with very high bioavailability which, thanks to the support of various studies, have been shown to promote skin tone, elasticity, firmness; reducing wrinkles depth and moderating their extension. This type of collagen also has a positive influence on the metabolism of skin collagen. This mixture of specific peptides is recognized by fibroblast cells in the skin's skin layer as collagen fragments such as those resulting from catabolic activities. Therefore they will be stimulated to increase their collagen metabolism to counterbalance the alleged degradation of collagen in the dermis. The result will be a significantly higher production of skin collagen and a renewed overall extracellular matrix. Another point in favor of Verisol® collagen is the fact that it comes from different sources (porcine, bovine, and fish origin) and can, therefore, boast multiple qualities.

The mixture of peptides contained can stimulate the skin metabolism and counteract the loss of extracellular collagen matrix from the inside in a truly effective way, in favor of an improved surface structure of the skin, more toned and shiny, bringing positive effects also at the level of cellulite, offering faster growth of nails that have more strength and less chipping.

3. Setria® Glutathione

For a more pronounced effect on contrasting the effects of skin aging, researchers have come up with a particularly effective type of glutathione, Setria® Glutathione,  the prestigious patent of the Japanese multinational Kyowa. Glutathione, as we have seen, helps to defend the skin from free radicals, promoting greater hydration, brightness, and helping to counteract the appearance of dark spots.

4. Other active ingredients for the skin

Other active ingredients rich in antioxidants to further strengthen the fight against free radicals, photo-aging and the harmful effects of exposure to UV rays are:

  • coenzyme Q10,
  • resveratrol,
  • vitamin C,
  • vitamin E.


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