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Beautiful and healthy skin from within
Beautiful and healthy skin from within

Beautiful and healthy skin from within

Date: February 28, 2023

The well-being of the skin, how to help it from the inside and how to fight it from the outside

Aging is a concern that afflicts a large part of the population, especially women, although to date we can say that it has also become important for the male audience.

Time passes, the skin ages, and a natural degeneration occurs which, often, can create anxiety, fear and stress, because we live in an age that always wants us to be more beautiful and performing.

Aging is a process of natural degeneration of the functionality of our cells and begins from the moment we are born. The main biochemical processes involved are oxidation caused by free radicals and glycation, or the binding of sugar to Protein inside the body which alters its structure and function, and the two Protein that are destroyed are:

  • elastin;
  • collagen.

Over time this process becomes more and more evident by making appear on the skin:

  • wrinkles;
  • Staines;
  • expression signs;
  • eye bags;
  • skin laxity.

Even in the case of skin care, prevention is always the winning key and must start from the inside, preserving our cells for as long as possible. The goal, in fact, is to live longer, healthier and with a good quality of life.

We need to focus on creating a healthy lifestyle, which allows us to naturally slow down this process, making us feel more confident and in tune with ourselves. In order to do this, you need to create the right routine, or to establish habits that give us security and a sense of control in dealing with the passing of time.

This allows us to overcome moments of strong anxiety and stress, without falling into bad habits such as:

  • junk food;
  • alcohol;
  • medications;
  • smoke;
  • sedentary lifestyle.

The psychological sphere, in fact, greatly affects our well-being and, consequently, also on longevity.

Healthy nutrition, constant training, correct integration, a satisfying night's rest, meditation and reduction (as far as possible) of daily stress factors build the basis for well-being and longevity.

The health and beauty of the skin nowadays pass more and more for a concept of "beauty from within", that is to help and support our skin by nourishing it from within, with the support of natural nutraceutical elements. Thanks to a growing number of studies and scientific evidence, we know that a targeted dietary supplement in this area is becoming an increasingly important support in countering the signs of aging, to always be combined with the most common and basic topical approaches, diet and physical movement.

Main nutraceutical elements

Let's now see what are the main nutraceutical elements able to support our skin and their mechanisms of action.

Hydrolysed collagen: it is the main protein of the connective tissue and the most abundant of the whole organism. It works as a support, support and protection for the skin, joints, bones and muscles. It is synthesized by specific specialized cells, the fibroblasts, thanks to the presence of essential microelements, including vitamin C, zinc and amino acids taken with the diet (which we obtain from meat, fish, milk and derivatives and legumes). The integration of hydrolyzed collagen has been shown to influence the elasticity and tone of the skin and to be able to reduce the depth of wrinkles.

Astaxanthin: it is a carotenoid, that is a vegetable pigment, of red / violet color, whose antioxidant properties are useful not only for delaying the effects of aging but also for improving blood pressure and decreasing oxidative stress.

Hyaluronic acid: it is one of the fundamental components of the connective tissue, with high concentration in the skin (in the dermis in particular), where it helps the maintenance of elasticity and hydration of the skin, thanks to its ability to bind to water molecules. Numerous studies show how the use of hyaluronic acid slows down the appearance of wrinkles and increases the brightness of the skin, maintaining the tone of the skin tissue and the filtering barrier effect against external agents.

CQ10: o CoenzymeQ10, also known as ubiquinone, is a powerful antioxidant found in almost all cells of the body. Its main role is to convert food into energy, counteracting fatigue and promoting muscle well-being. the concentration of this enzyme naturally tends to decrease with aging: for this reason it has a fundamental role in the anti-aging field.

Zinc: it is the mineral that deals with the correct balance of steroid hormones, insulin, and the immune system. It also promotes skin tissue renewal and wound healing (useful for the treatment of acne, psoriasis, dandruff, dermatitis and dry skin).

Vitamin C: or ascorbic acid, which has always been known as the best known and most useful vitamin for supporting the immune system, and a very powerful natural antioxidant, useful in fighting free radicals.

Vitamin E: or tocopherol, it helps to avoid the oxidation of fatty acids present in the cell membranes, protecting above all the tissues that have a more intense activity such as skin and muscles.

Beta carotene: belonging to the category of carotenoids, plant pigments that represent as precursors the primary source of vitamin A, which benefits the eyes and the skin, fights free radicals and also allows bones to grow evenly.

Topical dermo-cosmetic approach

Vitamins: essential elements for our body, in particular for their antioxidant effects, and specifically we find vitamins A, C and E also in the dermocosmetic approach.

Stem cells: stem cell cultures, or cells that have the ability to differentiate into different cellular components of our body, contain mineral salts, sugars, Protein, phenols, amino acids and lipids that are able to protect the skin and contribute effectively to the prevention of aging.

Collagen: its role is fundamental among the structural Protein of our organism, it has the function of connecting, supporting and nourishing tissues and organs, including the skin.

Hyaluronic acid: main component of the connective tissue. It has a strong moisturizing and tonicizing component recalling water, exerting a real support effect in contrasting the signs of aging, such as on wrinkles and expression lines.

Ceramides: these are lipids (i.e. fat molecules) naturally present in the skin, which make up 50% of the skin barrier. They are essential to support and restore this barrier, increasing its protective effect and maintaining its hydration from within.

Elastin: it is an elastic protein of the connective tissue found outside the dermis. It serves to maintain the right elasticity of the skin and guarantee the possibility of deforming when subjected to stress. Alternating with collagen Fibre that instead give support and resistance, overall they give compactness to the fabric.


Giada Barca,

Nutritional Sport Consultant 

The College of Naturopathic of Medicine



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