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Spreadable Creams | How to recognize healthy ones and those to avoid?
Spreadable Creams How to recognize healthy ones and those to avoid?

Spreadable Creams
How to recognize healthy ones and those to avoid?

Date: June 16, 2020

For some years now there has been a boom in spreadable creams based on dried fruit. From the classic peanut cream, pistachio, to the more delicate almond or hazelnut creams, today we want to clarify the differences between the best spreads - healthy, organic and rich in beneficial nutrients - and those to be avoided because full of hydrogenated oils, thickeners, preservatives, and emulsifiers.

Spreadable creams: how to choose the best ones?

crema di arachidi sul tavolo



Dried fruit spreads are a huge food trend right now. Savored by adults and children alike at breakfast, as a snack or as an ingredient in sweet and savory recipes, these potentially beneficial products should respect certain conditions to be promoted on our tables.

Nutritional table

Pay attention first of all to the nutrition table on the label. To be sure of choosing a good quality product, the list of ingredients must be very short and contain only the characterizing fruit of the 100% cream (peanuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts).



It is good to make sure that the origin from organic agriculture is indicated with the original logo which certifies that no chemicals have been used to produce these creams, as often happens in traditional dry fruit cultivation.



Sometimes, inthe list of ingredients, there are additives such as:

  •  sugar,
  •  salt,
  •  vegetable fats such as palm oil or rapeseed oil.

These make the cream particularly homogeneous but be careful: if the emulsion has a very creamy consistency, it is probably because thickeners or emulsifiers have been added! The mix that is often found is: salt + sugar + "oily" fats, which are added to those already present in the fruit and make the creams full of unhealthy fats. Furthermore, especially among the cheaper spreads, it is easy to find dyes. Just think of the unnatural green of some pistachio creams!

Why is it important to choose quality spreadable creams?


The refined and processed products are to be avoided, especially for those at risk of cardiovascular or metabolic problems. The combination of a high concentration of fats together with thickening oils of poor nutritional value, plus sugar...are everything but beneficial!

Benefits of 100% dried fruit creams

crema spalmabile alle arachidi smile crunch


On the other hand, 100% dried fruit creams are an excellent way to consume these foods which, in recent years, have shown all their beneficial value. Dried fruit has recently become part of the so-called "SMART FOODS" of the SmartFood program, an interesting research project promoted by the IEO (European Institute of Oncology). This project promotes correct scientific dissemination on various prevention factors in the food sector and supports research on the many foods that promote longevity and help slow down aging processes and related diseases.

Dried fruit is in all respects a characteristic food of any balanced and healthy diet, both for athletes and adults, the elderly, and children. In a slightly different way for everyone, dried fruit brings a very high concentration of nutrients, including:

  •  unsaturated fats,
  •  omega 3 and 6,
  •  vegetable proteins,
  •  fibers,
  •  minerals (such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper-zinc),
  •  vitamins like E.

With the development of spreadable creams and butters, a more tasty and versatile way of consuming these foods has been favored for people of all ages who want to combine taste, energy, and health.

Why does the oil of the spreadable creams separate?

In superior quality creams, through a gentle manufacturing process, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and cashews are grounded and then mixeded with the natural oils of the fruit itself.
The total lack of thickeners and emulsifiers can cause the oils to separate from the creamy part of the fruit but just mix well for a few minutes to mix the cream again.
This peculiarity, therefore, is not a defect but a consequence of the naturalness of the product, which has not undergone the addition of external excipients to make it more homogeneous.

For instance, Smile Crunch's 100% organic spreadable creams and the new IAFSTORE Food Creams are produced, processed, and marketed in full respect of the environment and the consumer as they:


  • do not contain hydrogenated oils, sugars, salt, thickeners, preservatives, or dyes.
  • are produced from 100% organic agriculture.
  • use only raw materials selected naturally or lightly toasted.
  • are made exclusively from the fruit grinding process.
  • preserve the maximum naturalness, nutritional values ??, and peculiarities of the fruit.

Try them out and let us know what you think!

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