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Skillet chocolate chip cookie: the giant cookie to make in the pan
Skillet chocolate chip cookie: the giant cookie to make in the pan

Skillet chocolate chip cookie: the giant cookie to make in the pan

Date: April 13, 2021

Chocolate chip cookies literally drive you crazy?
Then this recipe isn't absolutely be skipped.
Perfect for breakfast and a snack, today prepare a "biscuit cake" in a pan.
In the pan?! Yes, you read that correctly!
An American dessert with the particularity that also gives it this name: skillet cake, the maxi version cookie that is prepared in the cast iron skillet; the famous American cast iron pan used to make this dessert. But we can also do without it.
Let's see how

Skillet chocolate chip cookie: what is it?

Pan-fried chocolate chip cookie; this is the literal translation of the American recipe that we have decided to prepare together with you.
Its, in fact, the mixture of cookies; the classic American buttery biscuits, to be cooked in a special cast iron pan and in a single cooking.
The result will be that of a maxi biscuit with chocolate chips.
In Italy an iron skilet or iron pan isn't an easily available tool in the kitchen but, in America, they are inevitable.
In a mold with these characteristics, the heat spreads evenly and allows optimal cooking: a maxi biscuit crumbly outside and chewy inside just like a real American cookie.

Original recipe VS healthy recipe

The recipe for this cake is a personal reinterpretation of the original recipe.
A healthy preparation, with a dough, butter free and vegan too.
In fact, I removed the eggs to allow everyone to be able to experiment with this recipe and have a delicious biscuit for breakfast in double doses.

Simple ingredients and in a few minutes the dough is ready to be put in the oven and the scent that will be released will be only a small anticipation of the wonder we are about to achieve..

To make this cake I chose to use a Smile Crunch flour that I find very valid in terms of taste and final result of the recipe: oatmeal vanilla flavored.
Delicate, not at all cloying, I find it perfect for sweet doughs that require that vanilla aftertaste that allows you to enhance the other ingredients. A dessert that everyone can make even those who don't have the appropriate cast iron pan provided in the original recipe: the cake can be cooked, without interfering with the final result, in the classic mold for pies (also disposable) or in a circular pan.

To be served accompanied with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and sugar free Smile Crunch hazelnut and cocoa cream bio.

Result? Will be love with every bite..try it!


190g vanilla-flavored oatmeal

50g of erythritol

50g of brown sugar

40g sugar-free almond milk

40g of peanut oil

2g of baking powder

1g of salt

100g of dark chocolate chips


In a container pour all the dry ingredients and then: oat flour, erythritol, brown sugar, yeast and salt. We turn well with a spoon.

Combine the milk and oil and, finally, also the drops.

Turn the mixture, first with the spoon and then with the hands, making a dough.

Compact at the base of the cast iron pan or tart mold 22cm in diameter lined with baking paper and put in the fridge.

In the meantime, preheat the oven to 180° ventilated.

Once the temperature has been reached, we bake the cake for 25 minutes.

Remember that each oven has its own characteristics in cooking: when the surface of the cake is golden, we can remove it from the oven.

Let it cool completely inside the mold used to obtain the right consistency.

Serve the cake with two scoops of ice cream and the hazelnut and cocoa cream.

Let's taste it immediately.

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