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Crumbled with pistachio cream without eggs

Date: October 29, 2021

Simple to make and even easier to taste, this crumbled pistachio will conquer your palate. Very few ingredients for an impeccable result. Pistachio Cream is the key element that makes this recipe simply unstoppable.

Pistachios: origin and properties

The pistachios are very nutritious and energetically dense. One hundred grams of raw pistachios provide:

  • Calories: 569
  • Protein: 21 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 28 grams
  • Fat: 46 grams
  • Food fibre: 10.3 grams

In addition, pistachios contain significant amounts of sodium, selenium, riboflavin, vitamin E, choline, folic acid, vitamin K, niacin and calcium.

Consuming pistachios regularly has been linked to an improvement in heart health thanks to its high levels of healthy fats, fibres and antioxidants, such as carotenoids, phytosterols, flavonoids and resveratrol.

It is interesting to note that, despite their high-calorie content, the consumption of pistachios is not linked to a significant weight gain. It seems that when you add pistachios to your diet, people are less hungry and naturally decrease your intake of other calories.

Therefore, adding pistachios could be a great way to increase nutrient intake and promote health.

Pistachio Cream is a real concentrate of pistachios since pistachios are the only ingredient present.

The pistachio is native to western Asia and the Middle East, and evidence indicates that the fruit of the tree has been eaten for over 8,000 years. Today, the main producers of pistachios are Iran, the United States and the Mediterranean countries.

Pistachio trees grow in dry climates and can reach up to 12 meters in height.

In the spring, the trees develop clusters similar to clusters of green fruits, known as drupes, which gradually harden and turn red. Inside the fruit, there is a green and purple seed, which is the edible part of the fruit. As the fruits ripen, the shell hardens and opens with a snap, exposing the seed inside. The fruits are harvested, trimmed, dried and often roasted before being sold.

Since pistachios are the seed of a drupe, they are not a true botanical walnut. However, in the culinary world, pistachios are treated as nuts and are also classified as nut allergens.

Crumbled with pistachio cream

This recipe does not include the use of eggs, for the vegan version it is sufficient to replace the butter with margarine or oil and spreadable cheese with a vegan alternative.


  • 200 gr. flour type 1
  • 70 gr. butter
  • 60 gr. raw cane sugar
  • q.b. water
  • q.b. climbs up
  • 100 gr. Pistachio Cream
  • 100 gr. Spreadable cheese
  • q.b. raw cane sugar


  1. In a bowl, put the flour, brown sugar, a pinch of salt and the cold butter cut into cubes.
  2. Coarsely knead with the hands until crumbs are formed.
  3. Butter and flour in a round baking pan and preheat the oven to 180 degrees ventilated.
  4. Transfer the dough into the pan and compact it with your hands until the base and the perimeter of the pan are completely covered.
  5. Pour the pistachio cream and spread it all over the base, then spread the cheese and finally crumble the rest of the dough.
  6. Sprinkle a handful of brown sugar and bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.
  7. Remove from the crumble and wait about half an hour before serving.
  8. It can be eaten at the moment or stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.


The goodness and the delicacy of Pistacho Cream has allowed us to make a quick and easy crumble that everyone will like and can be used from breakfast, snacks, desserts!

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