Massimiliano Febbi

Dr. Massimiliano Febbi PhD – Educational Director Yamamoto Nutrition

Physiotherapist, Osteopath and Strength Coach

Published articles:

Green Tea | Benefits and Differences with Other Types of Tea

last updated:: June 17, 2020

Green tea: here are the benefits and properties for health and weight loss confirmed by research. In this article we find out why green tea is much more than a drink, it is real health support that differs from black and white tea for its unique characteristics.

Macrobiotic Diet | How does it work? What to eat?

last updated:: June 12, 2020

The macrobiotic diet, rather than a nutritional approach, can be considered a real lifestyle. Let's see how this type of diet works, the foods to eat, those to avoid, and what scientific research says.

Functional training | Why functional exercises are not just a trend

last updated:: March 02, 2020

In gyms, there is a lot of talking about functional training. Attention, this is not the usual fitness trend! Let's dive into this type of training and see what functional gymnastics is and the benefits of functional exercises for athletes.