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Yamamoto Research magazine: quality knowledge
Yamamoto Research magazine: quality knowledge

Yamamoto Research magazine: quality knowledge

Date: March 15, 2021

Finally, after a year of work, from an idea of ​​the Farmacor property and myself, the magazine Yamamoto Research is born.

An intense work in which many people and professionals in the sector took part, trying to create a quality product, capable of expressing the Yamamoto/Alphazer project at its best.

Why a new magazine and why so technical?

These are just some of the questions we asked ourselves when started with the project.
Currently there is a desire for quality knowledge, to understand how to use the science that often seems to be so far from the world of fitness and well-being and to be able to make it accessible to everyone trying to explain it in the best possible way with simple and understandable terms.
To achieve all this we have brought together the best professionals in the sector who have given willingness to provide high-level articles and, in some cases, such as that of Dr. Carmine Orlandi and Dr. Loris Pegoli to name a few, also decided to enter to be part of the Yamamoto/Alphazer team strongly believing in the company's Medical project, convinced of how much nutrition and supplementation represent a reality in the approach to medicine of the future where patient care is increasingly oriented towards a multidisciplinary approach.

Yamamoto Research magazine: a quarterly for everyone

Entering the technical aspect, can anticipate that the magazine will have a quarterly issue and each issue will deal with a specific theme with in-depth information on the major topics of interest to the public that follows us.
Part of the material, present in the various issues of the magazine, will be published in the specific sections of the new Yamamoto Nutrition Blog, thus creating columns capable of making it easier for the reader to consult and which will also be implemented with additional content on a regular basis. weekly.
A space in the magazine will also be reserved for the dissemination of scientific research works; theme to which the Yamamoto team is already dedicating its attention but now trying to bridge the division that is often created, in this sector, between scientific information and practical application.

As already mentioned, the level of the authors is very high but this does not take away the possibility of professionals in the sector and enthusiasts who wish to test themselves to propose their articles to us. Any works sent will be evaluated by an editorial committee and, if deemed suitable, published.
How to do? The guidelines will be present in the next issue of the magazine which, already I anticipate, will cover Antiaging Medicine.

This is only part of the Yamamoto/H2MAX editorial project.
In fact, we intend to progressively implement the pages that make up the magazine, getting to involve more and more authors from both the national and non-national scene.
In addition, plan to create a series of books or rather, technical notebooks (training, nutrition, integration) that will serve as teaching support material for the Yamamoto Academy training project in Partnership with H2MAX which will aim at training trainers and state-of-the-art specialists able to make the most of modern training and nutrition science.

At this point it is a must for me to thank those who helped and supported me in this ambitious project.
First of all, Dr. Alessandro Coradi who, despite the complex period that we are all facing, has firmly decided to invest in quality culture and training.
Dr. Gabriele Trapani who supports me for the whole scientific and research part and, finally, Veronica Ambrogio who has taken care of every little graphic of the magazine creating a splendid product.

Greetings and happy reading to all
Prof. Dr. Massimiliano Febbi PhD

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