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Vegan pistachio and chocolate mousse

Date: December 07, 2020

The most classic of chocolate desserts and the creamiest: the chocolate mousse but in a healthy version without sugar and butter and also vegan..
Magic? No science!!!

Acquafaba: a recent history

Its none other than the cooking water of the chickpeas which, whipped with electric whips, takes on a soft and soft consistency just like that of egg white.
A recent discovery that is attributed to a French tenor, Joel Roessel who in 2014, during his vegan experiments in the kitchen, had noticed how the cooking water of chickpeas could be easily whipped..
His experiment was not too popular because the acquafaba was not yet too stable and, moreover, in the meringue recipe he presented it was not used pure but together with a thickener.
In 2015 two American foodbloggers try again, without success, who decide to use acquafaba together with melted chocolate, however, mistaking the doses and use and ending their idea in a You Tube video without too many credits.
On the other hand, in 2015, an engineer, Goose Wohlt, arrives, having received news of all these experiments, decides to study how the cooking water of the chickpeas could be made stable to make, for example, meringues. It was immediately successful.

the experiment that revolutionized vegan pastry by allowing you to make desserts without using eggs!

In March 2015 this ingredient begins to make itself known on the net and Goose chooses the name we all know: aquafaba precisely; from the Latin water + faba - legumes.

How is it used?

It must be used cold from the fridge to obtain a perfect whipping and a compact consistency and if you want to use it to replace eggs in a dessert just remember that 3 tablespoons of acquafaba correspond to 1 whole egg.
Its also possible to add a natural thickener such as tara seed flour, guar gum and cream of tartar to obtain a perfect structure.
With this ingredient its possible to create many recipes: meringues, sponge cake, pancakes, whipped cream and mayonnaise and all 100% vegetable.

the next time you open a can of chickpeas do not throw away the water: it can be used to make lots of sweets and all delicious!!!

Waste ingredient, rich in proteins and saponins, it brings excellent results and even if most will be turning up their noses; they will change their minds. It has no flavor and, therefore, none of the preparations will result in an altered or "chickpea flavor" ..

Are you curious to try it?

Today we prepare a chocolate mousse without butter, sugar and with only two ingredients: chocolate and acquafaba. A soft and creamy spoon dessert that you can also use to fill your desserts but I assure you that eaten with a spoon it will be perfect never to stop..


130g of acquafaba

100g of dark 90% (or whatever you prefer)

Organic pistachio cream to taste


Melt the dark chocolate in the microwave (or in a bain-marie).

Whisk the acquafaba with electric whisk for about 10 minutes until the consistency is firm and compact.

Combine the melted chocolate and turn with a spatula (or with electric whisk).

Pour the cream obtained in two cups and keep in the fridge for a few hours.

Serve the mousses accompanying them with the organic Pistachio Cream to make them perfect.

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