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7 useful tips for remembering dreams
7 useful tips for remembering dreams

7 useful tips for remembering dreams

Date: March 22, 2021

Dreams: a means through which subconscious tries to highlight an inner conflict that has marked us, daily situations that generate anxiety or that haven't resolved.
Freud argued that "we need to repress our dreams, protect ourselves from them" as if forgetting them is a form of defense.

But is it only for this reason that, very often, we find it difficult to remember them?
The memory of dreams is the first thing to train but there are also other tricks.
Here are which ones

Interest in dreams has a long history.
From ancient oracles up to Freud, man has always tried to answer some questions: why do I dream?
What do the dreams I have say about me? Can they help me?
Science says yes: dreams tell us a lot, they open up new horizons and must be remembered to train the mind.

Forgotten Dreams: A Personal matter

Dreams aren't all the same and, often, the ones we forget are the most important ones to remember.
Linked to the subconscious, dreams in question are able to show us situations that want to avoid investigating thoroughly.
Fears, frustrations, anxieties, negative everyday situations, people from the past, unsolved problems; our weaknesses are the dreams not remembered, the ones we don't want to face but avoid.
Doctor Stefano Scatena, an integrated psychologist and psychotherapist, tells us that "remembering dreams is a personal process: it takes courage to do it. It takes courage to achieve personal growth".

Dreaming is a way to process the experiences lived during the day just like thinking

But how to remember them?

  • Relax before going to bed
  • Promise that we will remember the dreams we had made
  • Learn breathing techniques
  • Choose an alarm sound that isn't aggressive
  • Have paper to write what you remember as soon as you wake up

Remembering dreams and taking note of those made is an important step to reach an unsurpassed level of self-knowledge, an invaluable help to clarify conflicts, improve our existence and heal, moreover, from many diseases of the psyche.

Vitamin B6 for remembering dreams according to an Australian study

Taking Vitamin B6 before going to bed seems to increase the percentage of chances of remembering dreams made during the night and improving the quality of rest.
A study carried out by a team of Australian psychologists, published in Perceptual and motor skills, established that the forgetfulness of dreams is due to a Vitamin B6 deficiency and that there is a very important relationship between dreams and pyridoxine.

The researchers conducted an experiment on 100 people between the ages of 18 and 40 divided into three groups; one treated with Vitamin B6 to be taken for 5 days before going to bed, the second with all the vitamins of the B complex including Vitamin B6 while the last only with placebo; a pharmacologically inert substance used in clinical trials to make comparisons with active drugs.
At the end of the 5-day test it emerged that the participants who had taken exclusively Vitamin B6 were those able to tell all dreams clearly and remember them perfectly without losing any detail despite the fact that the nature of the dream is very weak as it is linked to the processes long-term memory that aren't active during a night's rest.

Those who have difficulty remembering dreams can get valuable help from vitamin B6

Vitamin B6, therefore, would lead people to have lucid dreams or full control, remember them to be able to overcome nightmares, phobias and all unresolved situations.

Where is it?

Vitamin B6 is present in a large amount of foods such as, for example, legumes, spinach, potatoes, red meat, fish and is also available in the form of a food supplement.

Therefore, insert these foods in our diet, above all, before bed given the importance of remembering dreams.

And you? Can you remember them or do you struggle? Tell us about your experience in a comment!

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