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The Japanese diet to stay fit
The Japanese diet to stay fit

The Japanese diet to stay fit

Date: March 09, 2021

In an archipelago of the Pacific Ocean there is an island where you live better and get old very late.
Its the island of Okinawa; with more centenarians than anywhere else in the world, the place with the happiest and most physically healthy inhabitants.
Here are the lowest obesity rates in the world and people remain in perfect physical health even after the age of 40.
Here is their secret

Natural medicine food

The secret to living this long is all in nutrition.
In general, the diet includes few calories and foods that are tied to the traditions of the past and to the earth.
In the Okinawan diet there are foods that must never be missing on the table and that are consumed in abundance.

  • vegetables
  • fish
  • legumes
  • algae
  • green tea

The vegetables brought to the table are all characterized by specific colors: yellow, orange and green.
Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, these vegetables also contain carotenoids; substances able to ruduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system and develop a healthy and perfectly healthy body even during the growth phase of children.
The Japanese diet also includes marine algae which, according to various researches, reduce blood pressure and are an excellent choice for introducing mineral salts.
Different qualities are consumed such as Wakame, Kombue and Nori cooked in different ways and the basis of many typical culinary preparations of the place.
Soybeans are also important because they are rich in vegetable proteins and fibers, powerful antioxidants low in cholesterol.

There is talk of a real culture of nutrition.
Food is natural medicine

It should not be considered an exclusively vegetarian diet but be careful: certain foods must be consumed in moderation!
Meat, for example, is eaten only during holidays or on special occasions.
To replace it, you choose tofu or natto, beans or Goya chanpuru; a typical dish of the island cuisine based on vegetables, bitter melon (Goya) eaten as a side dish.
Particular attention is also paid to the consumption of cereals, especially those containing gluten.
According to the inhabitants of the island, this protein should be avoided because it causes many problems related to the digestive system, inflammation, allergies and difficulties in absorbing all the nutrients necessary for health.
As for the consumption of fish, in general, those rich in Omega-3 fats considered healthy are brought to the table.
Therefore, salmon, tuna, shrimp and river fish become the choice to make in order to have an excellent protein quota rich in saturated fats.

What carbohydrates choose?

The consumption of carbohydrates is very low and the foods chosen are steamed brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa.
The Okinawan diet is rich in fiber and low glycemic index carbohydrates that help control weight which should never be excessive.
The rule that is followed at the table is that of the 80-20 principle: one does not get up when one reaches satiety but much earlier; 80% in fact. About 1200 Kcal per day are taken, all coming from foods characterized by an abundance of nutrients that do not undergo any kind of processing.

An anti-inflammatory, high antioxidant diet.
This is the secret to living 100 years

Vegetables, therefore, represent 90% of their diet while the remaining percentage is for meat and dairy products.

And what drink?

An important role is assigned to green tea; drink used in large quantities and to which beneficial and antioxidant properties are recognized only if consumed regularly.
Another drink that accompanies meals is the sake made from fermented rice and typical of the place.

Okinawa Island cuisine is great for fighting:

  • cellular aging
  • diabetes
  • high pressure
  • cardiovascular disorders
  • obesity

Calorie restriction allows you to keep oxidative stress and inflammation under control.
Eating healthily and without excess, moreover, ensures that all the negative problems typical of Western countries are avoided.
Thanks to a diet rich in many beneficial substances for the body, the inhabitants of Okinawa do not have problems related to cholesterol, high triglycerides, hypertension and diabetes.

Rich in antioxidant substances, helps fight cell aging thanks to the contrasting action on free radicals

All these benefits that many researchers attribute not only to nutrition but, in general, to the correct lifestyle that the inhabitants of Okinawans carry on every day.
In fact, in this archipelago of southern Japan, the inhabitants "practice longevity" by exploiting other techniques:

  • Tai Chi
  • meditation
  • social relations

Eating well, keeping stress levels under control, practicing regular physical activity and cultivating a close network of social relationships are the key to living well and even for a long time.

Okinawa: Shuri Castle

And you? Think its possible to be able live as Okinawans do also in our area? You consider it a happy island? Tell us yours in a comment!

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