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Chocolate sbrisolona: the vegan recipe of the Mantuan cake
Chocolate sbrisolona: the vegan recipe of the Mantuan cake

Chocolate sbrisolona: the vegan recipe of the Mantuan cake

Date: April 14, 2021

The Sbrisolona is the original italian cake of Mantova that is linked to the peasant traditions of the city.
Based on almonds, its name derives from a dialect term that indicates its characteristic of crumbling easily due to its consistency.
Crunchy outside and creamy inside that melts on the bite.
Let's see how to prepare it together!

Original recipe VS healthy recipe

The name of this dessert derives from the noun sbrisa which, in Mantuan dialect, means crumb; a cake that dates back to the 17th century, which became famous with the entrance to the Gonzaga court. A dessert of poor origins that involves the use of very few ingredients including butter and lard, sugar, corn flour to be added to the white one and almonds.
A curiosity linked to tradition is that which sees the flours (white and yellow) and sugar, divided and used in equal parts; characteristic for which, in the past, this dessert was called the three-cup cake.
The Sbrisolona is distinguished from other preparations for the processing method but also for the way its served: in pieces because it must precisely "crumble".
The slices shouldn't be cut regularly but broken with your hands and accompanied with a glass of liqueur.
This is the only precaution that we have respected (perhaps) because the version we are bring you is healthy and, above all, doesn't include use of what tradition says.
A light but greedy reinterpretation of a cake that is absolutely worth trying.

Follow the recipe step by step; we also left you many ideas to change the filling and try it every day with a new and delicious taste

How to prepare the vegan and sugar-free sbrisolona

For today's recipe we thought of a dessert that could please everyone. Removed the eggs, we replaced the sugar by using erythritol; the sweetener without calories and also eliminated the butter.
So how did we make it greedy but, above all, crumbly without all these ingredients?
We have dedicated ourselves to choosing the best products to make it superlative.
What have we chosen? The oatmeal with Smile Crunch biscuit so that the pastry becomes perfect and fragrant like the original one and for the heart the hazelnut and cocoa cream ideal to fill dessert that will become your favorite!

A very easy cake that everyone can make because it doesn't require special steps and the result is always guaranteed!


100g of biscuit oatmeal

100g of fine yellow cornmeal

100g of almond flour

100g of erythritol

1g of salt

2g of yeast

70g of sugar-free almond milk

50g of peanut oil

To stuff:

100g of hazelnut and cocoa cream

More for the preparation:

Square pan diameter 20x20 or circular also with hinge


In a container put all the dry ingredients and therefore: oat, corn, almond flour, erythritol, salt and yeast.

Make them uniform with a spoon or a hand whisk.

So let's add the almond milk and add the oil.

With the spoon compact the ingredients.

Collect the dough.

Use part of it at the base of the mold covered with baking paper.

Make a base that isn't too low.

Add the hazelnut cream all over the base, keeping the sides clean.

Crumble the other half of the dough (I had 175g) making the crumble over the entire surface, covering all the hazelnut cream.

Cook at 180° (ventilated) for 35 minutes.

Each oven has its own characteristics and cooking times but when the surface turns golden, the cake is cooked.

Let it cool completely to get the right consistency.

Cut the cake into pieces or into squares.


We can use whole almonds to decorate the surface.

Also excellent filled with Smile Crunch peanut cream (American and classic versions too) combined with strawberry jam or even with almond cream.

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