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Bone broth: from tradition to functional nutrition
Bone broth: from tradition to functional nutrition

Bone broth: from tradition to functional nutrition

Date: March 25, 2022

The bone broth is obtained following the prolonged boiling (even up to 72 hours) of the bones, most of the time with attached cartilage and tendons.
The animal mainly used is beef but this does not exclude the use of poultry or fish.
Once obtained, it can be consumed before meals as a hot drink alternative to herbal teas or as a base for other culinary preparations.
An ally for our health to be known !!!

Nutritional characteristics

The bone broth it is an interesting dish from a nutritional point of view.
It is a food with a very low caloric density; a feature that makes it an ideal dish to be consumed even during low-calorie diets.
The prominent component is collagen , at the base of the characteristic gelatin, rich in amino acids such as glycine , proline and glutamine .
We then find glucosamine , chondroitin sulfate , hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans . Finally, there is no shortage of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, selenium and zinc in bioavailable form.

Drinking bone broth increases the supply of collagen and glycine which relax the tissues and fight wrinkles

Toccasana for gastrointestinal health

The gastrointestinal tract is the main district for which this food is recommended.
Consuming bone broth is a strategy for those who suffer from slow digestion or suffer from related ailments such as swelling or burning.
Glycine , in fact , stimulates gastric production while hyaluronic acid facilitates digestive processes.

Even the intestine (finally recognized as a real organ) benefits from it.
In fact, many factors (unregulated diet, drug abuse, smoking, stress, etc.) contribute to altering intestinal permeability, making it excessive.
This condition, known as leaky gut , is believed to be the basis of most gastrointestinal and autoimmune diseases.
In addition to nutrients, they have access to the bloodstream and therefore to tissues, substances that are normally blocked such as toxins, allergens, antigens and microbes.
The glycosaminoglycansthey promote the regrowth and repair of these damaged areas, considerably reducing the possibility that harmful agents give rise to inflammatory phenomena and immune responses.
Furthermore, glutamine , a very important source of nourishment for enterocytes (the cells of the intestine), contributes to this effect.
Finally, the broth acts in the intestine as a real probiotic , providing substrates for the bacterial flora, counteracting any dysbiotic phenomena that are not at all rare when the intestine is not healthy.

Bone broth: a real superfood

Detoxifying support

Glycine ; _ a structural component of glutathione (one of the body's most powerful antioxidant defenses) and present in the broth, is very useful in promoting detoxification processes.
At the hepatic and renal level it participates in the processing of certain substances through conjugation reactions and facilitating their elimination.

Reinforcement of skin, nails and joints

Chondroitin , glucosamine and hyaluronic acid are recognized as essential elements for joint and skin health.
They are, in fact, marketed as supplements, single or combined, for this very purpose.
The broth of bones, containing these elements, is an excellent natural source. Nails and hair
also benefit, as they are supplied with the amino acids necessary for the synthesis of structural elements such as, for example, keratin and collagen .

Hydrolyzed collagen: a practical alternative

The hectic life and its often tiring rhythms do not allow us to carve out time for a preparation as long as that foreseen for the bone broth.
What to do then?
Surely, the simple and practical way, in addition to adopting a healthy diet, involves the use of supplements.
We have already talked about the well-known formulations based on dichondroitin, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid but, recently, the interest has shifted, in particular, to collagen , given the abundance in the human body and its structural function present in all tissues. .

Collagen: what is it all about?

Known and studied for years; the current and innovative formulations provide collagen in hydrolyzed and / or peptide form .
This is the real news: hydrolysis, in fact, guarantees unparalleled bioavailability, higher than that obtained by ingesting solid food and a real contribution of the elements we need.


There is one aspect to note with regard to bone broth.
In fact, it is hypothesized that bones, being a natural deposit of lead, can release this element during cooking.
Since high blood lead levels can lead to damage to the body, the idea of ​​risks associated with the consumption of broth has taken root.
However, given the very sporadic consumption of the drink, it should be noted that this hypothesis, although potentially true, is not sufficient to justify significant increases in the blood of this metal.

Have you ever prepared bone broth? Did you know about hydrolyzed collagen?
Let us know in the comments!


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