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Banana Bread Recipe | Recipe for a homemade, light banana bread

Banana Bread Recipe | Recipe for a homemade, light banana bread

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last updated: March 12, 2020

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This light banana bread recipe will surprise you with how good and soft it is! Thanks to some small tricks, this banana bread is much healthier and more nutritious, while maintaining all the taste of the original recipe.

Today's recipe is a perfect combination of genuineness and health. Banana bread, is a soft, sweet plumcake originally invented in the USA that adds banana puree to bread dough, with a soft consistency and a soft and delicious heart.

A brief history of banana bread

banana bread

Delicious banana bread revisited in a light version! Credits: Le Fit Bistrot


It is said that banana bread was invented by housewives during the great depression so as not to waste overripe bananas, very expensive fruits at the time! The original banana bread recipe was standardized in the cooking manuals of the 1930s when the use of baking soda as a leavening agent began to spread.


However, this dessert has become truly famous in America since the 1950s, after the publication of the recipe book "Chiquita Banana's recipes book". Today there is even an international banana bread day which is celebrated on February 23!


In short, banana bread has come a long way since its creation. Its continuous evolution over the years has meant that today there are thousands of banana bread recipes with many different ingredients, also creating new variations such as muffins, cupcakes, pancakes and "banana bread" flavored biscuits. In short, this banana bread is a real pop icon!

Banana bread light recipe

Ricetta banana bread

Freshly baked banana bread. Credits: Le Fit Bistrot


The version that I propose in this article is my recipe for light banana bread with wholemeal flour and no sugar. It is the result of several attempts through which I found a perfect balance between all the ingredients. The goal I had set myself was to prepare a healthier and balanced banana bread than the original recipe, without sacrificing taste.

Original recipe VS ligher recipe


The original banana bread recipe uses over 250g of refined white sugar, 120-150g of butter, 200-250g of refined white flour, 4 bananas, eggs, baking soda, and whole cow's milk. Due to the use of so many refined products and the scarcity of fibers (except for banana pulp), this banana bread recipe has a high glycemic index, too many sugars and it is dense from the caloric point of view but low in nutritional value. Furthermore, milk and butter are not suitable for intolerant or allergic peolple.


My healthy banana bread variant sees bananas as protagonists of the recipe and uses wholemeal flours, Greek yogurt, coconut oil, eggs, pecans, and extra dark chocolate. Sugar is not necessary for the success of the recipe but, if you want a sweeter taste, you can add sweetener, date puree or honey.




Watch the video for the whole preparation of banana bread!




Light Banana bread: ingredients

Macros 1/8

Kcal 122, C 19.8, F 1.8g, P 6.8g

Banana bread: conclusions

Banana bread can be eaten every day for breakfast or as a snack. It is suitable for everyone, including children, and can be stored up for 3 or 4 days. In summer I recommend you put it in the refrigerator inside a container with airtight closures.

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