Davide Gariboldi

Extreme fitness Gym chairman founder & CEO; Heroes DNA  President Founder and CEO

Published articles:

When to take Protein Powders? The Best for Every Moment

last updated:: June 19, 2020

Many wonders if it is better to take protein powder before or after the gym. In fact, for each type of protein (casein, whey, amino acids, meat, eggs, or fish) there is an ideal time of day in which to take them to maximize their effect on the muscles.

Azotemia and Bodybuilding

last updated:: April 07, 2020

Word to the expert: Davide Gariboldi explains how to deal with blood azotemia in bodybuilding and the importance of correctly balancing nutrition and training.

Bodybuilding and heart | Is it true that bodybuilding is bad for the heart?

last updated:: March 17, 2020

Let's see the link between bodybuilding and heart problems, what to consider to set up a training program and which nutraceutical supplements can help maintain a healthy heart.

How to structure calories in the muscle-building phase (off-season)

last updated:: December 17, 2019

Increasing the muscles without increasing the fat mass is a common desire for those who attend gyms and play sports. So let's see how to set a diet suitable for increasing lean body mass and which supplements to insert to optimize results.

Ketogenic diet - Part 1 | What is it and how does it work?

last updated:: October 09, 2019

In this first article, we introduce the ketogenic diet, a type of diet with low consumption of carbohydrates that induces the formation of acid substances in the body called "ketone bodies", used instead of glucose. Let's see then the mechanism of action of the ketogenic diet in detail and why it makes you lose weight.