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Apple pie: comfort food par excellence and cultural icon

Date: May 13, 2021

The apple pie is the cuddle par excellence, it evokes beautiful sensations with its unmistakable scent and its soft and enveloping texture.
This cake is the ultimate comfort food, as well as one of the cultural icons of the United States.
The variety of apples used will affect the final result! But there are no rules or limitations, rather let yourself be guided by your personal taste.
Generally the apple pie is embellished with cinnamon or alternatively with grated lemon zest. Traditionally it is accompanied with ice cream (vanilla or cream).

Being a traditional homemade dessert, there are several recipes that differ greatly from each other!
The following recipe will allow you to make an apple pie in a lighter version, with a much lower glycemic index and a very low percentage of fat.
Apple pie-flavored oatmeal alone makes up 50% of the final result! We are going to use "English apples", but other types of apples are also good, for example rennets or Granny Smiths.
Among other things, the apple is a fruit rich in beneficial properties for our body, consisting of 84/88% of water.

Apples are rich in a particularly healthy soluble fiber for our colon, pectin. This polysaccharide helps regulate intestinal functions and regulate appetite. In fact, in the clinical field, patients with severe obesity / obesity are often drawn up food plans including an apple to be consumed 30-20 minutes before main meals, so as to speed up the arrival of the feeling of satiety.

Pectin has a "modulating" effect, ie normalizes intestinal peristalsis, thus proving to be an ally against constipation, constipation and bloating. This fruit also contains quercetin, a bioflavonoid with antioxidant Energy that protects the lungs.

The energy content of an average fruit (about 240 g) is moderate, consisting mainly of carbohydrates (from fructose). However, when eaten with the peel, it provides a good number of fiber that lower the glycemic index of the fruit.
It is always advisable to consume them with the peel, especially if they come from organic farming, since that is the seat of most of the fiber, as well as vitamins and minerals.

Apple pie recipe

Now let's see DIRECTIONS apples and oatmeal to create a delicious and healthy dessert, which with its soft and delicate texture will conquer the whole family.
It will not be necessary to use added sugars, nor large doses of fat. By balancing the dry and liquid ingredients, it will be very easy to obtain an apple pie worthy of the name.


4 eggs
70 g low-fat white yogurt
70 g oatmeal taste Apple pie Smile Crunch
150 g flour type 2 / semi-wholemeal or 00
70 g butter or coconut oil / seeds
1 sachet of vanilla baking powder
Cinnamon (optional)
1 tablespoon of honey
Sweetener 10 drops of tic or 1 pinch of sucralose (optional)
1 g salt
400 g apples
½ lemon (juice)


Fan oven 170 degrees for 35 minutes


First wash and dry the apples well. It is not necessary to peel if you are using organic apples.
Cut them and remove the inside, slice them finely with a collar and place them in a bowl.
Cut half a lemon and squeeze half of it on the apples to prevent them from turning dark.

Separately, prepare the cake dough. In a planetary mixer, add all the liquid ingredients: eggs, yogurt and melted butter or oil.

Separately, sift the rest of the ingredients and gradually incorporate them into the mixer, stirring constantly.
Once you have a smooth and soft dough, place it in a previously greased and floured cake pan (or parchment paper, or silicone is fine).

Decorated the surface with apples, I chose to alternate a vertical row with a horizontal one.

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees ventilated.
Leave to cook in the middle of the oven for 35 minutes (after a toothpick test). Take out the cake and brush the surface with honey. Place back in the oven for 3 minutes.

It keeps very well for 3 days!
I recommend you try to spread the Smile Crunch almond cream to make it even more delicious!


Apple pie-flavored oatmeal cannot fail to be used to make an apple pie!
It emphasizes the taste and makes this cake delicious while being light. Each bite will be a cuddle, soft and enveloping. Perfect for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, perhaps accompanied by a good cup of tea.

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