Silvia Matta

Silvia MattaPersonal trainer and professional bodybuilder athlete.

After winning the World Female Bodybuilding Championship in Helsinki in 2014 and Catania in 2015, he decided to share her experience and knowledge in the field of bodybuilding.


Published articles:

The Best 4 Exercises to Eliminate Love Handles

last updated:: May 29, 2020

Let's see the best exercises to work on the area of the "love handles", that fat located between the oblique abdominals and the back that can be eliminated only with a synergistic approach of nutrition, integration, and training.

Supersets, negative and peak contraction for the arms

last updated:: April 13, 2016

Specific workout for arms from Trainer Silvia Matta Pink Danger.

Complete workout for the legs

last updated:: March 18, 2016

A brand new full workout for the legs explained step by step by instructor Silvia Matta, World Female Bodybuilding Champion in Helsinki in 2014 and Catania in 2015.

Complete Workout for Deltoids

last updated:: February 19, 2016

The deltoid is an overstretched muscle group, but often many athletes tend to neglect the training of the posterior deltoid. Here is how to train it better.

Glutes Definitive Bodybuilding Workout

last updated:: February 03, 2016

The defiinitive workout for glutes by Italian bodybuilding Champion Silvia Matta, winner of the World Female Bodybuilding Championship in Helsinki in 2014 and Catania in 2015

Arms Workout: biceps triple set and triceps giant set

last updated:: January 14, 2016

An arms workout that includes a triple set for biceps and a giant set for triceps training: focus on high intensity and execution techniques.

Back giant set workout

last updated:: January 13, 2016

A giant set workout for back muscles, with a combination of exercises in Doc. Trapani style and some intensity techniques

The Ultimate Leg Training

last updated:: December 31, 2015

A fantastic giant set for legs, which goes to train the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes