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Rudolph muffin: reindeer-shaped cakes soft and ready in 5 minutes

Date: December 18, 2020

Are so good and greedy that they disappear in an instant..

Do you want to make your children happy?
For Christmas, prepare reindeer-shaped muffins; these soft and delicious chocolate cakes!!! The base dough is without sugar and butter, with yogurt making them soft; a texture you will love..
The recipe is very simple to make, with double chocolate with dark chocolate drops and a hazelnut cream with very few sugars on top that will delight the little ones of the house and beyond..
Making the reindeer is really easy: just use a round biscuit for the nose, red Smarties for the nose, pretzel pretzels for the ears and candy eyes for the eyes that can also be easily made using white sugared candies to be decorated later. in the center with a pin of melted chocolate to make the pupil.

Prepare these muffins right away with your children and as you do so tell them the tale of the reindeer Rudolph.
At Christmas, the enthusiasm of the children is such as to help adults to rediscover the magic contained in the little things related to this very special day..

Once upon a time there was Rudolph, a reindeer different from the others..
She had a bright red nose and for this reason she was constantly mocked by the other reindeer..
On Christmas Eve, however, Rudolph had a great revenge..
Santa Claus chose her among all the reindeer because only she, with her red and bright nose, could have allowed to illuminate the path and deliver the gifts to all the children..
From that day he became the guiding reindeer of Santa Claus and taught that, very often, diversity is not a defect but a virtue that can bring great things..

Ingredients for 9 muffins:

100g of hazelnut-flavored oat flour

50g of skimmed milk powder for desserts

50g of corn starch

120g of plain yogurt

80g of seed oil

200g of erythritol

2 eggs (medium)

8g of yeast

60g of dark chocolate chips

Hazelnut and cocoa cream to taste

For reindeer faces:

Organic yogurt shortbread biscuits

Red smarties


Candy eyes or white sprinkles

A small square of dark chocolate



Whip the eggs with the erythritol in a container with an electric whisk for 2-3 minutes, then add the yogurt. Always with the mixer in motion, add the oil gradually.

Now let's combine the dry ingredients and finally also the chocolate chips.

Cover the dough and put it to rest in the fridge for 24 hours (this step is not mandatory but recommended because it will allow you to obtain really soft muffins)

Without turning the dough and heating it, take it with a spoon or with the scoop for ice cream and pour it into the cups that we have placed inside a muffin pan

Beat the pan to avoid air bubbles and cook at 170° static and preheated for 30 minutes

Let it cool completely.

In the meantime melt the chocolate that we will need to attach the red nose to the biscuit and the eyes and we begin to make the reindeer faces so as to have them ready once the muffins have cooled.

With the help of a toothpick, put a pin of melted chocolate in the center of the cookie and attach the red noses.

Keep aside to cool.

So let's put the pin of chocolate on the pretzels and also place the eyes.

Let's cool.

Take back our muffins, add the hazelnut cream topping to the surface and make our own reindeer.

Aren't awesome?!

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