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Hydrolysed caseins and their distinctive features

Hydrolysed caseins and their distinctive features

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last updated: July 10, 2017

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Hydrolysed caseins are the latest discovery in the protein field. They are obtained by a process called hydrolisation, which is nothing more than an artificial process of enzyme digestion. Through hydrolisation, the protein bonds are split, transforming the proteins into smaller and more easily digestible molecules: peptides.

"Peptobol" have not been created just to cater to a fad, they are a scientifically proven choice which is typical of Yamamoto® Nutrition's philosophy.
Various distinctive features of hydrolysed casein have been revealed in the currently available studies. In fact, it has been shown that they can be overlapped like amino acid spiking in classic "whey" proteins but they then maintain a very long-lasting amino acidity, as if they were absurdly longer chain proteins and not small amino acid fragments used for their fast absorption capacity without any annoying negative effects in the gastrointestinal tract.

Differences between hydrolysed casein and casein

However, the most amazing feature was revealed in a comparative study of the slower casein "cousins" (Pharmacological Reviews) where a potent 30% increase in protein synthesis emerges for more than six hours. Last but not least, what insulin response do they induce in comparison to their whey isolate or concentrate "sisters"?
Yes, this additional factor will facilitate better glycogen formation by combining them with carbohydrates (better if they are the newer generation Glycobol® type), thus gaining a more powerful and rapid signal (nutrient material) for a more efficient muscle reconstruction response.

The distinctive features of hydrolysed caseins

As defined by Dave Palumbo in my interview, PeptoBol® is a highly technical and potently effective protein support. But let's further clarify why and above all what sets it apart from whey or casein.
Solid food protein is too large to be directly absorbed by the intestinal tract. Our body must first digest it and break it up into smaller portions to be absorbed. Only single amino acids and di- or tri-peptides can be absorbed directly from the intestine via specific transport. PeptoBol® is formulated with hydrolysed caseins (Peptopro®) and contains a high percentage (70-80%) of small di- and tri-peptides that can quickly reach the bloodstream, making them ideal, if not fundamental, for the delicate post-workout phase which features acute inflammation, localised hyperthyroidism and particular hormone environment, which require rapid building blocks for recovery.
PeptoBol® is pure hydrolysed casein (Peptopro®) without any modifications given by flavourings or sweeteners, ensuring that its particular characteristics are not "polluted":

  • easy water solubility;
  • stability even in an acidic environment;
  • hypoallergenic (a characteristic which is very often underestimated);
  • the fastest bioavailability as it is pre-digested (in fact, we know that consuming a solid meal immediately after a training session, which would require a digestive effort that is not favoured by the body at that time, results in reduced absorption over time and altered efficiency);
  • insulin release stimulus, the powerful major "storage" hormone in our body that is promptly consulted and helped (and respected) at the appropriate time. Thanks to this, the athlete who consume simple carbohydrate-based "intra- or post-workout drinks," to which amino acids and electrolytes are added, can also have these small "powerful" peptide chains available for the quickest reactivation of the recovery processes.

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