Weight loss

How to keep fit (and not get fat) during the holidays

by Ludovico Lemme

last updated: December 13, 2019

Ready for the holidays? Let's see how to best prepare yourself not to accumulate extra pounds between lunches and dinners but, above all, what NOT to do before the long-awaited Christmas holidays!

Circulation and cellulite problems | Natural remedies to defeat them

by Gabriele Trapani

last updated: December 05, 2019

Find out what circulation problems, microcirculation, water retention, and cellulite are and how they are the best food supplements and natural plant extracts to maintain healthy veins and capillaries.

Ketogenic diet - Part 1 | What is it and how does it work?

by Davide Gariboldi

last updated: October 09, 2019

In this first article, we introduce the ketogenic diet, a type of diet with low consumption of carbohydrates that induces the formation of acid substances in the body called 'ketone bodies', used instead of glucose. Let's see then the mechanism of action of the ketogenic diet in detail and why it makes you lose weight.

Low glycemic index food

by Editorial staff

last updated: September 15, 2017

The glycemic index is a tool used to measure the rate at which the carbohydrate sugar enters the bloodstream. Carbohydrate foods are sweet (candy and sweet) but also all fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses and dairy products.

Calculating calorie consumption for sports activities

by Editorial staff

last updated: April 27, 2017

How many calories do you consume in a bicycle ride? How many do you burn off when you go swimming? It depends on the weather, but on your body weight too! Find out with this online calculator.

Sculpted abs: all they really thanks to your diet?

by Andrea Presti

last updated: August 31, 2016

Abs are made at the table, that much is true, but not exclusively. You can also achieve a six pack with the right exercises, and with a very particular training frequency

Glycemic index and glycemic load of foods

by Editorial staff

last updated: June 14, 2016

How important is the glycemic index of foods? What is the difference between glycemic index and glycemic load? What are the foods with low, medium or high glycemic index?

Fat and diet: What to choose and how to assume them?

by Editorial staff

last updated: June 13, 2016

Advice on how to achieve optimal levels of essential fatty acids in the diet. What fats are preferable for diet and which fats should be avoided, needs and levels of dietary intake

What are dietary fibres?

by Editorial staff

last updated: May 03, 2016

Having a high fibre diet means maintaining good health. But not all dietary fibres are equal. It is important to understand the distinction between the various types of fibres and in which foods you can find them.

7 tips to burn more fat during exercise

by Editorial staff

last updated: April 07, 2016

Nutrition is the main key to reduce body fat and achieve a lean physique. But also the right training has a major role to play: here are the 7 tips to maximise the effects of training.