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Training in the Summer: Expert Advice
Training in the Summer: Expert Advice

Training in the Summer: Expert Advice

Date: June 07, 2017

I always say to all my students: "heat shouldn't impede your race towards your objectives in any way." It is possible to train in the period before the summer, as well as at the beginning of the season.
Without doubt, most people want to go home when they can sense its forty degrees in the shade, and people often prefer to opt for a cool, tasty aperitif in the square with friends rather than add to the sweat that's already produced naturally in such circumstances.
All this can certainly be remedied by applying a few strategies that will help you not to stop training entirely during the summer months, and provide continuity to the course you've started.
It may be useful to choose a training time when its fresher, like the early hours of the morning when the sun isn't at its mid-day peak, or when the sun is starting to set in the evening ; going to the gym without having the sauna, before accessing the relaxation area of ??your sports centre is another reason to be brave enough to put your gym clothes on, as well as the best way to undertake a satisfactory workout.

Outdoor training

A useful strategy to overcome distractions caused by a desire for the sea, aperitifs and sunshine could be to vary the volume and intensity training as well as the location, the parameter that is last in terms of listing, and not importance.
Starting from the latter aspect, we can say that after spending a year inside the same four walls of a gym, changing the place you do your own workout, in the inviting cool of a green park, with the morning breeze refreshing your face during a circuit training session, isn't an entirely unpleasant experience.
Many activities can take place outside, and you can focus on a workout that undoubtedly has a functional design, and takes your entire body into account, essentially performing exercises based on coordinating and handling sudden directional changes, with timed and reduced recovery for the various series of exercises.
One example I can give you is a circuit run by one of my clients, whose goal is to lose extra fat, which is as follows:

  • 10 minute light course as heating;
  • Then, alternating exercises for the legs, including squats in 20/25 repetitions, and those for the arms, like side elevations with two-pound dumbbells for a count of 25 repetitions;
  • Jerks, with directional change that takes place as soon as you touch the ground;

Recovery between one series and another doesn't take longer than one minute.
To increase the level of difficulty, you can replace simple natural squats with squat jumps, instead of side ups, you can bend to the floor in as many executions as possible, and add sudden dashes to the dumb-bell walk.
Each complete turn of the circuit with its associated recovery (which can reduce for each series) has to be repeated at least 3/4 times.
This type of work empowers neuro-muscular coordination as well as aerobic capacity, by relieving stress on the joints in an effortless way throughout the year after sessions with weights.
Even exercising in water, by swimming, or more commonly by taking lessons in a coveted aquagym, can be a very useful way to relieve the joint capsules and muscles. By diversifying the stimuli, there will be improvements in health, the development of new coordination skills, a reduction in cortisol level and the inflammation associated with it, as well as aesthetic enhancements due to a reduction in muscle volume (for any woman who is continuously struggling with thighs they personally feel are too big), a phenomenon of a physiological nature induced by reduced fibre stimulation against gravity.
For those who choose to train in a gym, however, the summer may be the time to lower the volume and intensity of workouts by diversifying the type of workout they do: reducing the loads, shortening the recovery times, integrating muscle work in isometric contraction by giving preference to the quality of exercise performed.
You can give more emphasis to aerobic training sessions, with a circuit or heating program to support energy consumption and the disposal of waste materials, and give your body a sense of lightness due to an entirely natural loading.

The importance of good nutritional supplementation

Whether motor activity is carried out inside and outside a building, what matters is that you accompany your workout with supplements most suitable to your own needs. Yamamoto Nutrition has certainly turned out to be attentive to the needs of amateurs and professional athletes, because it has all kinds of supplements to deal with a period as torrid and difficult as summer.
Valuable allies for supporting a challenging workout are citrates, i.e. magnesium and potassium, which Yamamoto Nutrition have produced as a formula, in sachets, called HydraTECH, which you take in a glass of water before bedtime, when the levels of fatigue and stress (regulated by a hormone called cortisol) tend to lower themselves and restore normal levels of electrolytes.
They can be put into the drink during training, to help prevent the onset of unpleasant episodes like excessive sweating and muscle cramps.
Water consumption is essential both when performing athletics and throughout the day; in the summer, we lose much more fluid than during the winter season, because the internal temperature of our body can rise up to 40 degrees centigrade, causing what is termed "heat exhaustion".
All this can be avoided by drinking water during the workout, at an amount of 1.5 litres and over the rest of the time, we'd expect to have consumed at least 3 litres of water by the end of the day, to have an adequate state to allow thermo-regulation.
Given this premise, we can also add that the type of diet that should be eaten during this particularly hot period should aim to detoxify the internal organs, allowing the liver, kidneys and intestines to become lighter.
This should start with an increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables, in the form of smoothies and shakes, which you can use to replace the protein meal you normally eat. You can accompany this diet with the use of Epalin-C, with its herbal extracts and to detoxify the liver, you can add Cormadex to counteract states of intestinal tension caused by the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric on the intestine.
You can also substitute normal protein powder with casein and whey with an equally valuable plant-based protein extract from the pea plant, EndoPRO. Their nutritional intake does not fill you up, but provides good intestinal assimilation and digestive effect.
Yamamoto Nutrition has expanded its product range by adding SuperGREENS; as the name suggests, it is a concentrate of extracts of plants, fruits and vegetables; it contains Vitamins A, C, D, zinc and selenium for normal functioning of the immune system; Vitamins B6, B12, phosphorus and iodine to provide energy metabolism.
SuperGREENS also uses extracts of various types of algae including Spirulina and Acerola for their resurfacing action; Chlorella and Echinacea for their strong antioxidant value.
For the summer season on the porch, you can stay more than adequately protected by these supplements from the great Dr. Gabriele Trapani, the name behind this efficiency and quality, only supplies the best branded products, which maintain the physical status, if you're not in good condition, and allow you to continue to perform intense training at all times.

For achieving your own goals

On the subject of personal motivation, there is perhaps a case for keeping an account sheet of your efforts throughout the year, and understanding that it is very much related to the image we have in the mirror: if the results are convincing to ourselves, then we've done a good job of work and the course you're taking is the right one; if they're not, its time to pack you your gym bag and try another one!

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