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Sculpted abs: all they really thanks to your diet?

Sculpted abs: all they really thanks to your diet?

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last updated: August 31, 2016

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Abs are made at the table, that much is true, but not exclusively. You can also achieve a six pack with the right exercises, and with a very particular training frequency

How many times have we heard the famous phrase, "abs are made at the table?"

Countless times, and I think the reason is of course that without a targeted diet, in addition to being slowpokes, we should not complain if we find ourselves with a nice, tender layer of fat.

Food is important, but it isn't everything.

Are we sure that the abdomen of our dreams, the famous "six pack" or for some lucky people even an ''eight pack", where we can put two fingers between one "cube" and the next, is merely the result of a dedicated eating plan?

Food with Andrea Presti and Coach Mauro Sassi

We should remember that we are talking about a muscle and, like all other muscle, if it's trained it grows and changes depending on the "how" and "what" of our training.

So the answer seems self-evident:

Like any aesthetic objective, to have defined, sculpted abs you need the right combination of diet and exercise, where the former serves to give the right thickness and the impressive separations, while the latter ensures a minimal amount of fat, enhancing the muscular part.

A bit about genetics

To respond to other common questions about this controversial and fascinating, even charming muscle group, needless to say it also responds to the laws of the great mother "genetics", so if you have the famous "asymmetrical" or slightly hypotrophic abs, training them will improve them as above will improve them in terms of quality and thickness, but you can't escape from nature.

Andrea Presti abs


So how should we train these blessed abs, and most importantly, HOW MUCH?

How to work on your abs

To answer this question, I feel like I should refer to my own experience.

Vary the stimulus

Like any other muscle, the abdomen must be stimulated in multiple ways, taking one or two exercises as cornerstones (for me it's the rope and parallels) and then creating a pattern by varying the stimuli with other secondary exercises.

High training frequency

As for the frequency, I found some similarities with training another "bete noir" muscle (which is especially true in my case), namely the calves.

With the right amount of work, I suggest you train these two muscle groups very frequently, even up to 4/5 times a week since both are used to being stressed continuously throughout the day.


In short, do you want abs of steel?

Great! Avoid cocktails or drink them in moderation, throw away your AB rocket and do what you should do for any other muscle:

Eat well, integrate your diet properly and work out in the right way!

Andrea Presti signing off, until the next time.

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