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Muscular arms? Question is fibre

Muscular arms? Question is fibre

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last updated: June 28, 2016

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The ideal workout for arms depends on the relationship between white and red muscle fibres, which varies from person to person. Learn to parse your muscle fibres and to set the most suitable training regime.

You must understand that you are made of fibre...

I think there is no more beautiful, dreamy and practical workout such as the one of arms.

All seek the secret to having large, dense and musclar arms.

But let's take a step back, do white/red fibers tell you anything ???

Sometimes our skin color is inversely proportional to the fibers we have.

I have white skin, but most of my fibers are red.

Gabriele Andriulli biceps exercise with dumbbells

Little extra education

Let's learn some in order to clarify what exactly they are and what we want to talk about.

The white fast-twitching fibres are involved in rapid and intense muscle actions.

Inside, we find a high concentration of enzymes for aerobic alactacid and glycolytic metabolism.

These fibers are used during short exercises that require a big neuromuscular commitment.

Beside these fast fibers, which are capable of exerting high tension forces but tire quickly, there are other fibers with a slightly lower speed of contraction, but with greater resistance.

also known as intermediate fibers, a kind of go between from fast to those slow ones.

Muscle fibers

These are very important, when we undertake specific and repeated workouts for a long time.

The red slow-twitch fibers are used in long-term actions.

To have a high fatigue resistance, fibers utilise aerobic activity.


This brief but comprehensive explanation is provided, without going into too many technical mechanisms, to prevent us from diverting ourselves from our primary interest, of having the big arms.

I guess you are looking everywhere, trying to figure out what colour you are, and how to utilise it for workout.

It is not at all simple but with a quick medical history, studied by your Coach, I hope to create a suitable program for you.

The number of muscle fibres is a genetic trait.

That said, we understand that specific training cannot increase the number of fibres, because the number is genetically determined.

It remains nearly constant throughout the life cycle, but can only increase if there is a specialisation in the most suitable type of sport.

Here I intervene, yes, just to state that I was born with a fomr full of red fibers.

On analyzing my arms I came to know gthat I had to find an ad-hoc training, which catered to my needs and my morphology.

I think, in the course of my career, I have tried every type of stimulation. My primary need is to grow biceps and triceps.

Emanuele Zanetti, biceps and triceps

I am a BodyBuilder and as such I need to have big arms.

I quickly ruled out a heavy workout, I am not a weightlifter so I do not overdo due to the risk of hurting.

The next step was making a plan that does not have exaggerated weights, but it is full of strategies for properly stressing the right muscle and causing it to grow.

We have reached a point where we can draw the first line.

Workout for the arms must take some aspects into account.

Morphology of the arm, type of prevailing fiber, choice of exercises with loads, repetitions, and recovery time based on the desired outcome.

We analyzed the technique we have chosen to use today.

Super series for arms

I have chosen the super series, for antagonists and agonists, that is to alternate an exercise for the biceps immediately followed by its antagonist which is the triceps, with short recoveries, between 12/15 repetitions and middle weights.

Let's create an example to better understand what we are talking about and then analyse it:


SITTING: Biceps + Triceps

  • Barbell for biceps while standing in super series with bench dips for Triceps
  • Scott bench for Biceps in super series with Push Down for Triceps
  • Dumbbell hammer for biceps in super series with 90?? Dumbbell bust for Triceps

Thomas Benagli performs scott bench biceps exercise

As sets and reps for all three are combined, there should be 3/4 series, 12/15 repetitions, with recovery and hard work for under 50 seconds each.

This program will give you extreme fat burning, exact lactate accumulation index, and the given feature is typical of fast and intermediate twitching fibers, which have an anaerobic metabolism of both alactacid and lactic acid and are the main parts delegated to muscle growth.

Try it, use it, experience it, and you will surely see an increase in volume and density after 3/4 sittings.

Last tip, if you want to try to retrieve volume in a short time, because the summer has begun, try to run it twice a week and once a week thereafter.

We will talk after a month.

Waiting for your comments.

A hug from your Lele MrPersonal.

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