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Mr. Olympia 2016: winners and rankings

Mr. Olympia 2016: winners and rankings

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last updated: September 19, 2016

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The 52nd edition of Mr. Olympia, which was held in Las Vegas, saw Phil Heath triumph once again. Here are all the winners, rankings and photographs of Mr. Olympia 2016

Athletes from around the world, with half of them from the US, fought onstage at the Orlean Arena in Las Vegas on 16, 17 and 18 September 2016.

Nathan De Asha IFBB PRO Yamamoto Team
Nathan De Asha IFBB PRO Yamamoto Team

Nathan De Asha IFBB PRO Yamamoto Team

The return of Kevin Levrone

This year saw the return Kevin Levrone, who was born in 1965, after an an absence of 13 years.

Now over 50 and still a bodybuilding legend, he was eagerly awaited by thousands of fans.

Unfortunately Kevin Levrone didn't achieve the best results, not least because he was in competition with much younger athletes.

Vince Phil Heath

Phil Heath won for the sixth consecutive time, with an improved physique in comparison to the previous year, which was more defined and perhaps had more muscle mass.

Along with the trophy, Phil Heath took home the prize worth $ 400,000.

Shawn Rhoden came second, and displayed good muscle definition and symmetry, but with muscle mass that didn't give the winner much to worry about.

Dexter Jackson came in 3rd place, a good result given he is now 46 years old.

Fourth place went to the huge Big Ramy (Mamdouh Elssbiay), whose physique was massive but not as defined as the competitors ahead of him on the podium.


Men's Open Results

  1. Phil Heath
  2. Shawn Rhoden
  3. Dexter Jackson
  4. Big Ramy
  5. William Bonac
  6. Roelly Winklaar
  7. Cedric McMillan
  8. Dallas McCarver
  9. Josh Lenartowicz
  10. Justin Compton

Phil Heath, 1st place Mr. Olympia cat. Men's Open

Phil Heath, first place cat. Men's Open

Men's 212 Results

  1. Flex Lewis
  2. Ahmad Ashkanani
  3. Jose Raymond
  4. Eduardo Correa
  5. David Henry

Figure results

  1. Latorya Watts
  2. Candice Lewis-Carter
  3. Cydney Gillon
  4. Nicole Wilkins
  5. Swann Delarosa

Men's Physique results

  1. Jeremy Buendia
  2. Ryan Terry
  3. Jeremy Potvin
  4. Brandon Hendrickson
  5. Andre Ferguson
  6. George Brown
  7. Jason Poston
  8. Joseph Lee
  9. Logan Franklin
  10. Dean Balabis

Classic Physique results

  1. Danny Hester
  2. Arash Rahbar
  3. Sadik Hadzovic
  4. Breon Ansley
  5. Darrem Charles
  6. Robert Timms
  7. Ko Chandetka
  8. Shavis Higa
  9. Terrance Ruffin
  10. Stan McQuay

Women's Physique results

  1. Juliana Malacarne
  2. Danielle Reardon
  3. Heather Grace
  4. Kira Neuman
  5. Jamie Nicole Pinder
  6. Sheronica Henton
  7. Mindi O'Brien
  8. Autumn Swansen
  9. Asha Hadley
  10. Frances Mendez

Women's Fitness results

  1. Oksana Grishina
  2. Tanji Johnson
  3. Regiane DaSilva
  4. Whitney Jones
  5. Bethany Wagner
  6. Fiona Harris
  7. Ariel Khadr
  8. Kristine Duba
  9. Dominique Matthews
  10. Aurika Tyrgale

  11. Oksana Grishina, first place cat. Women's Fitness
    Oksana Grishina, first place cat. Women's Fitness

Women's Bikini results

  1. Courtney King
  2. Angelica Teixeira 
  3. India Paulino
  4. Ashley Kaltwasser
  5. Jennifer Ronzitti
  6. Janet Layug
  7. Stacey Alexander
  8. Narmin Assria
  9. Romina Basualdo
  10. Bianca Berry

Backsagen at Mr. Olympia in 2016 with Nathan de Asha


Mr. Olympia 2016 Final Showdown

Images from the event:

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