Functional Training | Training plans and functional exercises

by Ludovico Lemme

last updated: May 05, 2020

Some examples of functional training plans to start inserting functional exercises into your weekly workout program.

Light Chickpeas Hummus Recipe

by Giorgia Baglio

last updated: May 04, 2020

Hummus is a delicious chickpea-based paste that is very easy to make and perfect for a light and protein snack. In addition to the hummus recipe, today we also reveal why consuming more legumes is a real cure-all for your well-being!

Protein Porridge with Asparagus and Poached Egg Recipe

by Giorgia Baglio

last updated: April 23, 2020

The asparagus season is coming! Discover the history, properties, and contraindications of asparagus and fill up on goodness and nutrients with this wonderful recipe: protein porridge with asparagus and poached egg.

Hydrolyzed caseins | Characteristics and comparison with whey

by Gabriele Trapani

last updated: April 22, 2020

Hydrolyzed caseins are milk proteins obtained by hydrolyzation, an artificial enzymatic digestion process. Let's see the peculiarities of hydrolyzed caseins and the comparison with whey.

Obliques | The best exercises for women

by Ludovico Lemme

last updated: April 21, 2020

How to target obliques during abs training? Let's see the best exercises for the obliques, the anatomy of the abdomen, and the frequency and volume of abs training for women.

Whole wheat strawberry muffin recipe

by Giorgia Baglio

last updated: April 15, 2020

Try this delicious recipe for fluffy whole wheat strawberry muffins without sugar for breakfast or as a snack. Did you know that strawberries also have many beneficial properties for health?

Tempeh and chickpeas meatballs with sauce recipe (VEG)

by Giorgia Baglio

last updated: April 09, 2020

To vary our diet, there is nothing better than trying new recipes, such as these vegetable meatballs in tomato sauce with tempeh and chickpea, perfect to be eaten in a delicious veggie burger.

Vitamin D | Benefits and the 5 richest foods

by Editorial staff

last updated: April 01, 2020

Our body produces vitamin D due to the effect of sunlight on the skin, but not only. Let's see what are the foods rich in vitamin D, the deficiency symptoms, the benefits, the uses, and the dosages.

Recipe for wholewheat coffee biscuits

by Giorgia Baglio

last updated: March 31, 2020

A quick and easy recipe for coffee biscuits with no sugar and with whole wheat flour, perfect for starting the day with an energy boost!

Not Fried, Fried Chicken recipe

by Giorgia Baglio

last updated: March 25, 2020

Here is the recipe to prepare an excellent American-style crispy fried chicken but without frying. Before moving on to the recipe for non-fried fried chicken nuggets, however, let's get to know chicken meat more closely.