Energy and endurance

The major carbohydrate-based dietary supplements

by Niccolò Balboni

last updated: July 18, 2017

There are five main carbohydrate supplements commonly found on the market: cyclic cyclodextrins, maltodextrin, vitargo, ribose and glucosamine. Let's clarify their characteristics, recommended dosages and any adverse effects.

Crossfit: objectives, positive and negative aspects

by Niccolò Balboni

last updated: May 22, 2017

Crossfit is a sport based on strength and structured metabolic conditioning, which incorporates exercises from a range of different sports disciplines into a single session, such as gymnastics, powerlifting, kettleball lifting, rhythmic gymnastics, strongman, aerobics, swimming etc ...

Dietary supplement for MMA and combat sports

by Gabriele Trapani

last updated: August 10, 2016

Nutrition was mainly neglected in combat sports up until recently but now we see how the fighter can support his/her diet with specific supplements.

The importance of hydration for a better performance

by Editorial staff

last updated: March 21, 2016

During prolonged exercise it is easy to become dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to various adverse effects such as a reduction in your ability to exercise aerobically, which can reduce to 60% of your observed value under ideal conditions.

Load management during the competitive cycling season

by Editorial staff

last updated: March 02, 2016

How to structure a competitive season by taking advantage of the PRO line: if you want great results, you shouldn't leave anything to chance. A detailed analysis of the workouts for cycling preparation.

Winter training in cycling, by increasing the displacement

by Editorial staff

last updated: January 27, 2016

A nine-week work protocol for the winter aimed at improvement: bicycle setting, heart rate setting and training schedule

Supplements and diet in cycling

by Editorial staff

last updated: December 30, 2015

If you practice an intense sport, you need to plan your diet/supplements correctly in order to face the season in the best condition ever. Methods on how to plan your workouts to recover from the past season.

Training with a heart rate monitor

by Editorial staff

last updated: November 16, 2015

Using a heart rate monitor makes it possible to develop a personalised training program, as it provides continuous information about the heart rate and therefore about related physiological activities.

Sustamine: a new supplement for cellular hydration

by Gabriele Trapani

last updated: September 04, 2015

Alanyl-glutamine, better known as sustamine, is a dipeptide which binds glutamine and alanine, resulting in a very stable form with a high level of solubility: let's learn about its benefits

Heart rate zones

by Editorial staff

last updated: February 21, 2015

The heart rate is the number of heartbeats detected in a given period of time. As HR is a precise indicator of how our heart and body are working, knowing, measuring and evaluating the heart rate is also a good practice for optimising sports training.