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Complete workout for the legs

Complete workout for the legs

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last updated: March 18, 2016

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A brand new full workout for the legs explained step by step by instructor Silvia Matta, World Female Bodybuilding Champion in Helsinki in 2014 and Catania in 2015.


Here we are with a new workout for the legs, as always copyright of Dr Gabriele Trapani, technical and scientific consultant for IAFSTORE and Yamamoto Nutrition.

Training schedule

Bench hyperextension

I suggest starting the workout with 4-5 sets of bench hyperextensions to begin to activate the muscles of the posterior kinetic chain, then the buttocks and hamstrings.


We'll start with a series of multipower squats with 4 seconds of the negative phase, 1 second pause, and then an explosive ascent. The movement should be smooth and continued, without locking your knees.

Leg press

Then we continue with a series of leg presses where you'll see me place my feet on the press platform in various positions. In all we're going to do about 55 repetitions, using the various angles of the feet to stimulate the muscles in different ways.

Raising your feet on the platform, we are going to make the posterior muscles work more.

Bulgarian squats

The workout continues with 4 sets of Bulgarian Squats in constant tension.

Leg curl

We finish the workout with 4 sets of leg curls for hamstrings.

There will be 16 repetitions in all: 8 with your upper body bent and peak contractions, and 8 more fluid reps in a lying down position and with the toes pointing out.

The training video

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