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Back giant set workout

Back giant set workout

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last updated: January 13, 2016

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A giant set workout for back muscles, with a combination of exercises in Doc. Trapani style and some intensity techniques


Today I'll show you a giant set workout for back muscles.
We have combined together some exercises in Doc. Trapani style with some intensity techniques.
We'll start with the pull down, about 8-10 reps, with about 4 seconds in the negative phase.
Then we will continue with a series of rowing with dumbbell with a controlled negative phase and an explosive concentric phase instead.
We will continue even with a pull-down behind the head in continuous tension.
We will end up instead with a pull-down with outstretched arms with rope again with 4 seconds in the negative phase.
I hope it can be useful and fun.

Workout video

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