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DNS or Dynamic Neuromuscolar Stabilisation: Let's find out what it is

last updated:: October 02, 2017

DNS or Dynamic Neuromuscolar Stabilisation is a kinesiological approach used by Pavel Kolar based on early childhood development principles.

The major carbohydrate-based dietary supplements

last updated:: July 18, 2017

There are five main carbohydrate supplements commonly found on the market: cyclic cyclodextrins, maltodextrin, vitargo, ribose and glucosamine. Let's clarify their characteristics, recommended dosages and any adverse effects.

Isometric training

last updated:: July 11, 2017

By isometric contraction, we mean the kind of contraction that develops muscular tension at a constant length, thus statically (without movement).

What you need to know to reduce the risk of injury

last updated:: June 05, 2017

Please note that prevention does not mean the total risk of injury, but rather a minor incidence thereof. The problem is almost never in the joint or muscle involved, it is usually derived from compensation due to a movement deficit (it may be, but is less likely).

Crossfit: objectives, positive and negative aspects

last updated:: May 22, 2017

Crossfit is a sport based on strength and structured metabolic conditioning, which incorporates exercises from a range of different sports disciplines into a single session, such as gymnastics, powerlifting, kettleball lifting, rhythmic gymnastics, strongman, aerobics, swimming etc ...

The Bulgarian method by Ivan Abadjiev

last updated:: May 15, 2017

This method was devised by Bulgaria's National Weightlifting Team coach, Ivan Abadjiev, and it is considered one of the best ever conceived; its validity is proven by the fact that many nationals have adopted it to help their athletes prepare until they managed to create their own version.

Autogenic Training: Instructions for Use

last updated:: March 28, 2017

This concentration technique is used primarily in the sports field, during both preparation and during a race, to restore the mental ability and concentration/motivation of the athlete, and at certain times, should remove the states of exhaustion and psychic over-excitation as quickly as possible.

Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)

last updated:: December 13, 2016

Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST) is a training method which applies "physiological principles" to weight training, leading to hypertrophy

Niacin: where you find it, and what it does

last updated:: November 21, 2016

Niacin (Acidum nicotinicum) is also known as vitamin PP (Pellagra Preventis) or Vitamin B3: where is it found, what does it do, and what benefits it can give you?

Doggcrapp Training: High intensity training and low volume

last updated:: November 02, 2016

Doggcrapp training is a high-intensity, low volume training protocol created by Mr. Dante Trudel, which is characterised by heavy and progressive loads, high frequency and low volume, rest breaks and eccentric lengths.

The Hatfield Method for increasing mass and strength

last updated:: October 03, 2016

The Hatfield training method is a technique that allows you to train all of the different types of muscle fibres at the same site, and promised great increases in muscle mass and strength.

The ABCDE cycle: new muscle mass?

last updated:: September 26, 2016

Designed by a Swedish doctor and bodybuilder in the 1990s, the ABCDE cycle (Anabolic Burst Cycling Of Diet and Exercise) promises increased muscle mass through diet cycles and carefully designed training

Monofrequency vs Multifrequency workout: what to choose?

last updated:: July 18, 2016

Should one train each muscle once per week (single frequency) or more times a week (multifrequency)? Here's how to get the most for muscle growth

P.H.A.T.: Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training

last updated:: July 06, 2016

The PHAT is a training methodology designed, developed and practiced by Layne Norton. This methodology consists of a combination of powerlifter workout modes with those of bodybuilders, we shall see how