Mara Besacchi

Mara BesacchiMara Besacchi: Fitness athlete, technical and scientific consultant for agonist athletes and non-agonist athletes

The post-graduate specialisation in scientific and laboratory experimentation currently allows her to deal with nutraceuticals and integration on behalf of third parties.

With degree in naturopathic sciences, she likes the combination of true health and successful physical fitness, and also desires to prove it to her girls.

The successful school headed by Pier Venturato, her trainer and companion, with the aim to train the girls in one of the toughest schools: the muscles can ultimately be built with cast iron rather than through words. She believes it and shares it.


Articles of Mara Besacchi

This section gives way to a series of articles aimed at all those people who habitually use, or who would like to use, the so-called natural medicine and naturopathic sciences.

We will together see from time to time a bit of scientific factual knowledge, a bit of history of natural sciences, some hint of biochemistry and together analyse what are the main functions ascribed to plants, seeds, extracts, essential oils etc.

The concepts that we will cover may be useful for professional athletes and for sports lovers, as well as for sedentary individuals that are prefer the natural use of integration over immediate use of synthetic substances.

I intentionally omit the entry of more technical terms used in chemistry, biochemistry and physiology in order to not risk being misunderstood as someone using big and technical words just to show off and thus coming across as incomprehensible.

Too often have I read articles on the web that remain incomprehensible to anyone who does not have a scientific-technical background: what's the point? The art of knowing how to write or speak (I do not want to use the term teaching) does not necessarily mean art of understanding the concepts expressed.

I prefer to be included in all that we say, I prefer to share the underlying concepts and ideas; and if, despite my intentions, something unclear is put forth, please contact me for clarification on the same.



Published articles:

The benefits of grapefruit seeds

last updated:: October 25, 2016