Ludovico Lemme


Bodybuilding Coach

Published articles:

Functional Training | Training plans and functional exercises

last updated:: May 05, 2020

Some examples of functional training plans to start inserting functional exercises into your weekly workout program.

Obliques | The best exercises for women

last updated:: April 21, 2020

How to target obliques during abs training? Let's see the best exercises for the obliques, the anatomy of the abdomen, and the frequency and volume of abs training for women.

Push Press | Perfect execution and muscles involved

last updated:: April 08, 2020

Let's deepen the push press execution, an exercise that involves different muscles and joints both in the upper and lower body.

Change the stimulus! 6 little-known exercises to vary muscle stimulation

last updated:: February 20, 2020

Varying training and exercises to get out of the routine and work our muscles more fully is key to progress in the training program. Here are 6 little-known exercises that can help in breaking the routine.

How many hours to sleep to get up TRULY rested?

last updated:: February 07, 2020

The answer to this and other questions about the nature of sleep in the article will help you understand how and why to sleep better and how to manage sleep if you are an "owl" or "lark".

3 principles to follow to choose the best Protein Bars

last updated:: January 22, 2020

To understand if the protein bars you consume are more or less healthy and of good quality, do not miss this short buying guide. You will learn the nutritional values to keep under control and the elements that discern a good bar rich in proteins and amino acids from a disguised snack.

Useful Tips to Manage Nutrition and Training in Winter

last updated:: January 06, 2020

The cold can be an ally for your line! The "cut phase" preceding the summer months corresponds to the "bulk phase" in the winter months. Here are the best tips and tricks for training and feeding in this mass phase.

How to keep fit (and not get fat) during the holidays

last updated:: December 13, 2019

Ready for the holidays? Let's see how to best prepare yourself not to accumulate extra pounds between lunches and dinners but, above all, what NOT to do before the long-awaited Christmas holidays!

Which somatotype are you? Mesomorph, Endomorph, Ectomorph

last updated:: November 26, 2019

Mesomorphic, endomorphic or ectomorphic? Did you know that you probably don't belong to just a single somatotype? Find out which somatotype you are and the best gym training tips for each one!