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Arms Workout: biceps triple set and triceps giant set

Arms Workout: biceps triple set and triceps giant set

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last updated: January 14, 2016

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An arms workout that includes a triple set for biceps and a giant set for triceps training: focus on high intensity and execution techniques.


Today we analyze a complete arms workout.
We'll begin with a triple set for biceps, and continue with a giant set for training the triceps.
I want you to know that the copyright of these workouts is of my coach and technical/scientific consultant of IAFSTORE and Yamamoto and Nutrition, Gabriele Trapani.
What you are going to see is a workout based not lifting heavy weights but on peak contractions and on negative series.
This is why you will see me use not excessive loads, and I advise you to concentrate on the techniques of execution.

Workout schedule

And so here it is our proposed training for the arms:

Biceps triple set

4 rounds:

  • Hammer curl together 10/12 reps
  • Alternating Curl same weight 8/12 reps
  • Barbell Curl slow negative 4"

Giant Set Triceps

4 rounds:

  • Rope pull down 10 reps peak contraction
  • Two dumbells Kickbacks 10 reps short peak contraction
  • Dip between two benches 10 reps
  • Rope extension behind the head 10 reps emphasis on stretch

As always Focus On intensity and execution techniques, all #Pinkdanger Style and Doc. Gabriele Trapani Approved!
Enjoy the vision

Workout video

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