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A simple but effective workout for the legs

A simple but effective workout for the legs

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last updated: October 12, 2016

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We'll now give you a new impetus for training with this routine for the legs, which is simple, but full and effective.

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Today for our section ... LEGS

A fairly simple routine, but in my opinion, complete and effective!

1 - Leg extension

  • 3 x 12/15 heavy load
  • 2 x isometric on one limb, and workout with the other 5+5+10

I always start with an isolated conditioning for the quads.

Having as the predominant group, glutes and hamstrings, the trend in all quatting workouts is to include them, before a pre fatigue run, precisely, in isolation

Andrea Presti, Leg extensions

2 - Squat

  • 5 x 8

after almost two years I want to replace the good old squats.

Andrea Presti, running 5 x 8 squats

3 - Leg press Zup style Miha Zupan

  • 4 x 1 slow + 3 normals + 1 slow + 5 normals + 1 slow + 7 normals

With the possibility of performing the concentric in about 10 seconds

3 - Leg press Zup style Miha Zupan

4 - Squat at an angle to the MP stone style Mauro Sassi

  • 3 x 12

A safely progressive exercise that needs good muscular control.

The sagittal knee lunge generates a considerable strain on the quads, as well as an overload on the patellar tendon.

Ergo, it should be done with controlled execution and an extremely sustainable load

Try it, and as usual ... have fun!

4 - Squat at an angle to the MP stone style Mauro Sassi

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